Friday, January 2, 2009


THE GREAT Court Jones. I will ALWAYS cherish this caricature. I arrived very late for an NCN Convention we had in NEVADA . For me, the best part of the convention is the first night where we hae the "meet and greet". Its the night where mostly everyone gets in, the wall space hasn't been designated yet and we all have a chance to kick back and relax. Not to mention there's great FREE food that I missed!!! arrrgh! anyway I was sitting at the table with Glenn Fergueson, and Court, and asked him to draw me to which he happily compiled. Court is a much sought after master illustrator, and I knew once the convention "officially" started he'd be swamped with his own work plus requests. He did this caricature in a matter of minutes and captured my essence so elegantly and humorously. My pet name for Court is "ALPHA" (to which he humbly rejected) because he does ALL things so well. He is a master painter, caricature artist, cartoonist, AND he is able to articulate what he does in such a cerebral way. He's a fascinating guy. and I got him to draw me. ucky me.