Thursday, May 27, 2010

Caricature by my "big brother" MEL Latrop

This pic of me was done by my "big Brother" MEL LATROP who guided me through the zany waters of my very first NCN convention years ago. Going to an NCN Convention for the first time can be an overwhelming experience to say in the least. It's somewhat inconceivable at first, to realize that so MANY people around the country and WORLD are doing exactly what you're doing an MUCH BETTER, MUCH FASTER,and MORE IMAGINATIVELY!! LOL! The NCN opened up my mind to the possibility of what i could actually DO with the art of caricature, opened my eyes to the world of extreme exaggeration, and revolutionized my approach to the art form. I will always be grateful to MEL for making me feel comfortable and at home in this environment those few initial hours. I didn't really know anyone, and he was so welcoming and generous with his information that he gave me that added boost of confidence that I needed to socialize in that unfamiliar place. In subsequent years, he also gave me a much needed laugh when i was feeling somewhat down. I recall one year when I had done some of my best work and maybe had a chance of winning or at least placing in the Blk and Wht category, but for some odd reason I added one color swatch to my drawings, thus making them a "color" drawing and putting me out of the running! MEL hilariously pointed that fact out in such a way that made me laugh when i wanted to cry...

The one thing I admire about MEL artistically is that he isn't afraid to experiment. Mel is an "old timer" age wise, like me, and sometimes to be honest, us Old timers can be "set in our ways" creatively speaking. Mel is quick to experiment with new mediums and keep learning whether it be pastel, colored chalk prismacolor, marker, or this digital paining style here. He inspires this old dinosaur to keep moving before I become extinct!


Been a While Since I posted caricatures of ME drawing ME. I used this as a method for teaching myself the art of exaggeration and also as an inexpensive form of therapy!! LOL! I went to a recent gig where, in between customers I drew myself.. ONE kid loved the picture in particular, and asked for it. I thought nothing of it and gave it to him. Soon EVERY kid wanted their OWN picture of me! I have never been to a gig where the guests actually WANTED me to draw caricature of MYSELF for them! I LOVE this business!!!

My apologies if Ive posted these before.... forgive me... I sometimes have "senior moments"

Friday, January 2, 2009


THE GREAT Court Jones. I will ALWAYS cherish this caricature. I arrived very late for an NCN Convention we had in NEVADA . For me, the best part of the convention is the first night where we hae the "meet and greet". Its the night where mostly everyone gets in, the wall space hasn't been designated yet and we all have a chance to kick back and relax. Not to mention there's great FREE food that I missed!!! arrrgh! anyway I was sitting at the table with Glenn Fergueson, and Court, and asked him to draw me to which he happily compiled. Court is a much sought after master illustrator, and I knew once the convention "officially" started he'd be swamped with his own work plus requests. He did this caricature in a matter of minutes and captured my essence so elegantly and humorously. My pet name for Court is "ALPHA" (to which he humbly rejected) because he does ALL things so well. He is a master painter, caricature artist, cartoonist, AND he is able to articulate what he does in such a cerebral way. He's a fascinating guy. and I got him to draw me. ucky me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paul Flatley

Dan Springer

Dan Springer is one of NYC's and the NCN's treasures. I'm really surprised that Dan isn't one of the "recognized caricature stars" of the organization because the man has so much skill and talent. I met Dan several years ago through a mutual friend, Kenly Dillard, while we were drawing caricatures at Union Square. Dan had this peaceful vibe that seemed to come from him that made you feel instantly relaxed in his presence. After some time I had the opportunity to go to his Brooklyn studio and was blown away by his skill in painting and his commitment and work ethic. I can honestly say Ive NEVER seen Dan ever raise his voice in all the time that Ive known him, and although fame in the "conventional sense" has eluded him, he still manages to carry himself with the same quiet dignity, and peace that made me feel at ease in the first place. If you are lucky, you can catch Dan drawing caricatures in NYC central Park. I would encourage anyone to stop to get drawn by this MASTER. Dont tell Dan I called him a master, Im sure he would humbly disagree,