Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dan Springer

Dan Springer is one of NYC's and the NCN's treasures. I'm really surprised that Dan isn't one of the "recognized caricature stars" of the organization because the man has so much skill and talent. I met Dan several years ago through a mutual friend, Kenly Dillard, while we were drawing caricatures at Union Square. Dan had this peaceful vibe that seemed to come from him that made you feel instantly relaxed in his presence. After some time I had the opportunity to go to his Brooklyn studio and was blown away by his skill in painting and his commitment and work ethic. I can honestly say Ive NEVER seen Dan ever raise his voice in all the time that Ive known him, and although fame in the "conventional sense" has eluded him, he still manages to carry himself with the same quiet dignity, and peace that made me feel at ease in the first place. If you are lucky, you can catch Dan drawing caricatures in NYC central Park. I would encourage anyone to stop to get drawn by this MASTER. Dont tell Dan I called him a master, Im sure he would humbly disagree,