Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paul Flatley

Dan Springer

Dan Springer is one of NYC's and the NCN's treasures. I'm really surprised that Dan isn't one of the "recognized caricature stars" of the organization because the man has so much skill and talent. I met Dan several years ago through a mutual friend, Kenly Dillard, while we were drawing caricatures at Union Square. Dan had this peaceful vibe that seemed to come from him that made you feel instantly relaxed in his presence. After some time I had the opportunity to go to his Brooklyn studio and was blown away by his skill in painting and his commitment and work ethic. I can honestly say Ive NEVER seen Dan ever raise his voice in all the time that Ive known him, and although fame in the "conventional sense" has eluded him, he still manages to carry himself with the same quiet dignity, and peace that made me feel at ease in the first place. If you are lucky, you can catch Dan drawing caricatures in NYC central Park. I would encourage anyone to stop to get drawn by this MASTER. Dont tell Dan I called him a master, Im sure he would humbly disagree,




Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mike Carlon


TOMO'S work was a total mindblower to get. I drew his caricature in blk and white on paper and was TOTALLY uprepared for this great painting of me that he did. I feel honored. Like everyone he knows me as "subwaysurfer" (thats the reason for the trains in my mouth) but also noticed that when I draw, I usually have a pen i my outh like a cigar .

Monday, June 16, 2008

jerry bowyer

steve hartley

Steve Hartley is one of the FASTEST caricature artists Ive met to date, and i've met some speedsters. He can draw a neasr perfect rendering in about a minute.


Would you believe this French Master did this with a regular bic pen?? Awesome.

Mike Newsome

Newsome did this great Narrative caricature of me. I often do "narratives" myself, being an old comic book fan, i love to tell stories with my work and sometimes draw gift caricatures like this one like they are paels out oa a comic.

kid cardona

Trudy Nash

Trudy was the first Geometric Minimalist caricature artist I met years ago at the Frist NCN Convention I attended. Her ability to totally capture a persons essece with such fee lioes is astounding.

Steve Fishwick

Robb Miller

Justin cook

Stacy Pierce

Pat Harrington

Pat Harrington is one of those caricature artists, whose style is completely "UIMITATABLE". He is what I call a caricature expressionist/surrealist. You never know what to expect from his work, and no two are ever the same.


george malek


I had the priviledge of meeting Jan Obdebeek personally when he visited New York years ago and he drew this one minute pencil caricature of me while sitting in the restaurant. It was my very first Exaggerated caricature, and I didn trealize how lucky I was to get it until I attended a couple of NCN Conventions later on.

Johanna Veerenhuis

craig rogalski

Chris Chua

Chua is another caricature surrealist expressionist who is totally out of his mind. I love his approach to drawing.

Brandon Tisor


Ben Burgraff

Sam Gorrie

Adam Pate

beau Hufford

niall o loughlin

Liesbeth Beckers

Kathy Bailey

Kathy did this caricature of me at the Nevada NCN Convention where we were both drawing each other ans spontaneously broke out in song and strting singing showtune duets. ( She ca REALLY sing! ) This photo doesnt do the caricature justice. She did this with pastels that were VERY densely covered that I thought I'd smudge it on the plane ride home.

Steve Dorris

Steve is a superheor freak!11 I asked him to draw me as the tick ad this his great sketch!!!
He also drew me as Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Dark Side Elgin

Another GREAT pastel Caricature by an artist who I dont remember at the NCN COnvention. I would love to give4 this artist props for the fantastic job they did!!!!
I look like Im in caricature hell or something!!

Unknown Japanese Artists

I found these in a folder hiddle uder my living room couch. I thought I lost them forever. These are some FANTASTIC caricatures made by Japanese caricatures artists who I dont remember! AAAAARRRGH at a 2007 Convention in Nevada. If any NCN people Know who these folks are please let me know!